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First Edition * Hokanews * Eighth issue - 1999-12-09
"The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth"
Plus gossips, rumors, lies and pure fiction

1999 is about to run out and I have decided to end this
millennium as unemployed! :-)
As you may, or may not have heard, I have handed in my
resignation letter due to different reasons where the fact that
I found myself struggling with a big moral dilemma made me take
the (un-)wise decision to leave without having anything new to
go to.

The good thing is that now I will hopefully get some more free
spare time to send you all long and fun messages, catch up
with long forgotten E-mails, rearrange my apartment, get a
hair cut and maybe even start exercising. Although I would not
bet any money on anything of the above.

I will for sure get some time to build up my new and improved
home page (http://www.hokan.com) with all the ideas I have.
Right now that site is pretty empty, but in due time I hope to
be able to have something nice to show you all.
My last day at Trema will be the 22:nd of December which means
I can sit back and relax and forget EVERYTHING that has to do
with the Y2K problem at New Year. THAT feels pretty damn good.

Apart from that life here in Stockholm has been great the last
couple of months. Our rock clubs (Elm Street and Hard Rock Cafe)
has been both a great success and we've been mentioned in almost
all newspapers here in Sweden. Pretty cool. It's been a lot of
hard work, but the amount of fun we have had easily made up
for it.

My near future now involves having some time to relax and maybe
go on a vacation. Been a long time since I been to Mexico so
that is something I am planning right now. In the meantime I
am looking for a new job so if you hear anything about ANYTHING
please drop me a line. At the moment I am open for any ideas.
And yes, I can say: "Do you want fries with that?" :-)

If you ever need a help in writing a resignation letter I can
recommend: http://www.i-resign.com/uk/letters/
They might not be politically correct, but fun!
Check out the letter from "Mr DJ - DJ from Birmingham", you don't
have to say much more than this!

Until next time, have a GREAT year end.


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