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First Edition * Hokanews * Seventh issue - 1999-10-27
"The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth"
Plus gossips, rumors, lies and pure fiction


I am really sorry I have not sent out any Hokanews since my
Thailand vacation, but things have been extremly busy here
ever since I got back.

One main reason is that me, Benny and Figge are about to
re-launch Elm Street Club here in Stockholm.
Every Sunday starting the 31:st of October we'll be DJ'ing
and presenting live bands and show that rock music still
kick some serious *ss.

Check out http://www.elmstreet.nu for more info.
Unfortunattly though only in Swedish still.

As if this was not enough to keep me busy, I have accepted
to run the bar down stairs at Hard Rock Cafe here in
Stockholm. EVERY weekend, both Friday AND Saturdays.
This means me and Benny will be playing good rock music
while serving beer. While upstairs will have normal dance
music, we can concentrate on slightly heavier stuff.

This means my spare time is booked permanently for the
rest of this millenium, so if you don't hear to much from
me, it's because I am busy playing music and selling
beer. So if you want to see me, come to Hard Rock Cafe or
visit Elm Street on Sundays. I'll be there!

* * *

And to shortly mention my Thailand vacation all I can say
is that it was absolutely brilliant. Pictures are about
to come up on my home page, but due to lack of time
it will probabaly take a while before you can see them.

* * *

Other news from Sweden is that my all time favourite
beer flavour (Brooklyn) has arrived. Last time I had
the pleasure to drink a bottle was in New York at a small
bar called The Burp Castle. Ever since then I have been
longing for another taste of that beer again.
Now my prayes have come true, as Brooklyn Brewery has
found it's way to "Systembolaget", our government
controlled Off License alcohol shop.

If you want to know what I am talking about, come to Hard
Rock Cafe this weekend as we will be serving that beer
there. That is if there is anything left after I have got
my hands on the beer cases. :-)

* * *

Until next time, enjoy this joke:




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